40pt Real Wood

Our exclusive Wood Business Cards are ultra-thick and sturdy. Made from real Cherry Wood. They feature a beautiful texture and an authentic look.

The production of the wood business cards uses minimal amounts of energy and no use of water or chemicals. It takes less wood to make the wood cards then it does to make regular paper cards. Production of the wood cards adhere to the strictest forestry guidelines and is environmentally conscious.

40pt Real Wood


Printing: Digital CMYK or Letterpress
Card stock:
 Real Cherry Wood
Total thickness: approx. 40pt / 0.40 in / 1mm

Because the inks are not 100% opaque, the wood color and texture may show slightly through the print. 

Wood has natural variance in shades, patterns and textures and each sheet will appear different. 

IMPORTANT - Digital printing considerations

Digital printing has a slightly shinier look than offset.To keep the natural matte finish of the paper, we recommend using a light coverage artwork where the background remains mostly white.

For optimal results, we strongly recommend that you don't use large solid printed areas or gradients. Avoid banding issues by using paper’s natural color as a background rather than printing a full solid color. 

IMPORTANT - Letterpress printing considerations>

Wood doesn't allow an impression as deep as a soft cotton stock. Letterpress is not suitable for every project. If your project is not appropriate for letterpress printing, you may want to do digital printing instead. 

  • Paper, color and imprint has variations from piece to piece because of the manual nature of letterpress printing.

  • Colors are printed one at a time. Letterpress is great for 1 or 2 color jobs. Pantones only, no CMYK.

  • Letterpress is meant to be used for minimal ink coverage. Large solid areas are far from ideal.

  • Depth of impression can vary depending on the image coverage and the paper selection.

  • No halftones, no gradients, no photos. Solid colors only.

  • Vector or high quality tiff files only. No JPEGs please.

  • Width of lines must be a minimum of 0.25pt.

  • 6pt sans serif minimum font size. Reverse type minimum font size is 12pt or it can clog up.

*More details on production time here.
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Since most of our products are printed in batch with fixed quantities, we do not offer quantities between the ones listed. If you need a larger quantity, please ask for a custom quote and we'll be happy to help.

Because of the printing process being used, all cards in a single set must be identical. For example, you cannot benefit the price of 500 cards for 2 different sets of 250 cards.

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Custom trimming is available. Please request a custom quote for a size that is not listed. Extra fees may apply.

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Printing process

This product is printed with high tech digital equipment. Digital printing eliminates many of the laborious steps required for conventional printing, including making films. Digital printing is the best technology to use for short runs. 

We print full colors using 4 color process (CMYK). There is no extra cost for colors.

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Letterpress printing

Our letterpress cards are printed on a traditional printing press that is over 100 years old. Each color require a separate press run. With this method, a plate with a raised image is inked and pressed to the surface of the paper creating a relief printing similar to debossing.

Letterpress printing press

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Artwork Design

Prices don't include graphic design work. Print ready files must be sent with your order.

You can select "I need assistance" option if you need a little help setting up your files, (for example : bleed, color mode, spot UV mask). 

Graphic design work for business cards includes approximately 60 minutes of work. If you need more extensive graphic design, please ask for a quote (for example : creating a new logo).

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Name of project

IMPORTANT : Please add a project name for future reference.

Production lead time: -  days

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