32pt Silk Matte

Ultra-thick, silky smooth to the touch with a resistant finish that is unique and attractive.

32pt Silk Matte


Printing: Offset press
Card stock: Snow white, C2S, approx. 30 pt
Finishing: Matte lamination on both sides
Total thickness: approx. 32 pt / 0.032 in / 0.8mm
Weight: 240lb / 625gsm

TipsFor a rich and intense black on this paper, please use this rich black formula : C60, M40, Y40, K100. 

penThis matte surface is writable with a fine point marker and may be writable with certain pens.    

*More details on production time here.

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Since most of our products are printed in batch with fixed quantities, we do not offer quantities between the ones listed. If you need a larger quantity, please ask for a custom quote and we'll be happy to help.

Because of the printing process being used, all cards in a single set must be identical. For example, you cannot benefit the price of 500 cards for 2 different sets of 250 cards.

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Printing process

This product is printed using an offset press. Offset is amongst the best type of printing available. It provides a crisp and clean professional looking printing.

Our printing process includes a full color printing on both sides (CMYK). There is no extra cost for colors unless you want to add a custom Pantone color.

Extra Pantone color may be any Pantone color you want including metallic colors.

4/4 = full color printing (CMYK) on both sides
4/0 = full color printing (CMYK) on front and no printing on back
5/4 = full color printing (CMYK) on both sides + 1 Pantone on front
5/5 = full color printing (CMYK) on both sides + 1 Pantone on both sides
6/4 = full color printing (CMYK) on both sides + 2 Pantones on front
6/5 = full color printing (CMYK) on both sides + 2 Pantones on front and 1 Pantone on back
6/6 = full color printing (CMYK) on both sides + 2 Pantones on both sides


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Custom trimming is available. Please request a custom quote for a size that is not listed. Extra fees may apply.

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Spot UV

Produces a glossy effect giving the card a textured look. The spot gloss varnish is often applied over pictures or graphics to enhance them. It's also especially effective when the background is solid black and the Spot UV layer creates a shape, pattern or text. A spot UV layer over some text is also possible but less apparent and may require moving the card in the light to see the effect.

 embossing example

Important - Please read

Spot UV involves a separate stage in the production process, after printing and laminating. Although we make all efforts to perfectly align the spot UV to the print, a shift of up to 1/64" may occur. Most of the time the shifting will only show on a few cards. Please keep that in mind when creating the artwork. We do not recommend applying spot UV in registration with small text or fine lines.
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Rounded Corners

Standard round corners can have a radius of 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2". These are made on our round corner cutter.

Round corners business cards

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Hole Punching

Hole punching is often used for hand tags. Pricing includes one single hole. Please specify the hole location on a separate file in your artwork.

Hole punch

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Colored edges

Colored edges or painted edges is one of our most popular specialty option. Our state of the art technique is carefully achieved with amazing results. We can color-match any CMYK or standard Pantone colors. We can also produce a few fluorescent colors and some metallic colors such as gold, silver and copper.

 embossing example

Important - Please read

Since all inks are mixed by hand, minor variation in color may occur.

We do not offer colored edge option for die cut cards.

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Artwork Design

Prices don't include graphic design work. Print ready files must be sent with your order.

You can select "I need assistance" option if you need a little help setting up your files, (for example : bleed, color mode, spot UV mask). 

Graphic design work for business cards includes approximately 60 minutes of work. If you need more extensive graphic design, please ask for a quote (for example : creating a new logo).

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Name of project

IMPORTANT : Please add a project name for future reference.

Production lead time: -  days

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